Atlantis : L'empire perdu


The Atlantis has been described by Plato as an island surrounded by others circular islands who were protected it as a rampart. A small volcanic island with a cosmopolite harbour where people from Europe, Asia and Africa came for commercial exchange.
The Atlanteans was a really developed society with an incredibly advanced architecture (toilets, running water, sewers). They were idolising the bull and danced with him un-armed. Finally, they attracts gods' anger, especially Poseidon's who swallow the island.

Some archeologists believe that Santorini might have inspired Plato to write his "fable". Everything that has happened in Atlantis happened in Thera (the former name of Santorini).
The historians found proof of a prosperous and wealthy empire. The city was a place of commercial exchange thanks to its location. Also, the topography is similar to Plato's description. The Minoens who lived in Thera, 3,600 years ago were the same civilisation as in Crete, where we can find, in Cnossos, mural paintings of people dancing around a bull un-armed.
Thera's population knew the same extinction as the Atlanteans, multiple earthquakes and the most violent volcanic eruption on Earth. The only known cataclysm at this time happened in Thera.
Thanks to those information, archeologists and historians agreed that Santorini might be the Atlantis described by Plato.